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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Extra Booster Introduction Part 2: Yuki Nagato

And we’re back with the second preview for the upcoming The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Extra Booster! This week, we’ll be showcasing a decklist that we’ve come up with featuring the adorable Yuki Nagato!

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
SY/W08-E076 Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori 0/0 4
SY/WE09-E22 Observer, Nagato 0/0 2
SY/W08-E078 Yuki Nagato 0/0 4
SY/W08-E092 Cat Ears, Nagato 0/0 3
SY/W08-E106 Wedding Dress Nagato 0/0 2
SY/W08-E083 Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato 1/0 3
SY/W08-E079 Glasses Girl, Nagato 1/0 4
SY/WE09-E23 Mage Nagato & Shamisen 1/0 4
SY/WE09-E25 Standby Mode, Nagato 1/1 2
SY/W08-E086 Guitarist, Nagato 2/1 2
SY/W08-E012 Nagato & Koizumi in the Clubroom 2/1 2
SY/WE09-E24 Nagato at a Summer Festival 3/2 4
SY/W08-E077 Primp and Proper Nagato 3/2 2
Event Card
SY/W08-E095 Message on the Bookmark 1/1 4
Climax Card
SY/WE09-E27 Night with Two Weeks Left -/- 4
SY/W08-E099 Battle in the Information Control Area -/- 4

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We’ve included quite a large number of cards from the previous booster as well! There was a great framework for a blue 《Alien》 Yuki deck in the booster pack already, and this new extra booster has given the deck a perfect game ender. Let’s take a look at some of the new cards that the extra booster has given to us that has helped to solidify the deck into what it is now.

This deck, as you might have guessed, is focused around healing and card advantage. With appropriate management, you can keep yourself constantly at level 2, clearing out the cards in your clock before you can level up while also maintaining a formidable field presence and hand size.

The Early Game

The early game for this deck revolves around card draw and search. Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori is your best friend here – since the entire deck is built around the <> trait, your entire deck is fair game for its effect! When you hit level 1, Glasses Girl, Nagato becomes your main draw source.

You’ll also need high-powered characters in order to beat your opponent’s characters in battle, so Standby Mode, Nagato from the new Extra Booster will definitely help you out here! Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori provides a field-wide boost to all <> characters, as does Observer, Nagato. Combine this with the power from Mage Nagato & Shamisen’s Backup ability, and you’ll definitely be able to maintain the cards on your field.

The Main Game

Once you reach level 2, the real game begins. Nagato at a Summer Festival is a very powerful card that can enter the field at level 2 despite being a level 3 card, and it is the backbone of this deck’s concept! With its climax synergy effect, you can remove a card from your clock when it attacks, and it even gains +3000 power until the end of the turn! With 2 copies of Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori, or a combination of Alien, Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori and Guitarist, Nagato, you can reach about 15000 to 16000 power on that turn – more than enough to take down most of your opponent’s characters, even factoring in Backups!

Apart from that, you also have access to Wedding Dress Nagato, which can heal 1 point of damage immediately. There is also Message on the Bookmark, which also lets you cycle out the cards in your hand while also letting you heal 1 point of damage! It is also put to the memory after it is used, which is great for deck compression.

But What If?

On the off chance that your opponent actually manages to push you to level 3, all is not yet lost. Primp and Proper, Nagato has a particularly powerful effect that allows you to rearrange your opponent’s field as you see fit. You can break apart your opponent’s formation with ease, bringing out their supports to the front row and taking them down. This is very beneficial for its other effect as well, as you get to heal another point of damage if it puts its battle opponent to reverse.

That’s All For This Week and What’s Next?

Considering there are many decks nowadays that are able to deal multiple sources of damage with their effects, this deck should be able to thrive relatively well in the current environment. Keeping yourself at level 2 will mess up the tempo for many “burst damage” level 3 set ups, as they have to deal that much more damage to win.

If you’re a Nagato fan, do give this deck a try!

We’ll be back next week for previews from the Sword Art Online Ⅱ Vol.2 Extra Booster!

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