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Sword Art Online II Vol.2 Extra Booster Introduction Part 2: Kirito, Leafa and Lisbeth

We are back with more previews for Extra Booster Pack Sword Art Online Ⅱ Vol.2!

In last week’s column, we previewed a few cards featuring Yuuki and for this week, we will be previewing cards featuring other characters from the series.

Let’s begin!

《SAO Survivor》Kirito

With 《SAO Survivor》Kirito around, you know that he’s going to give everything he has got just to not watch another friend die in the battlefield. Should you be willing to pay the cost, 《SAO Survivor》Kirito in the back stage will make the ultimate sacrifice and to return another card to its previous stage position.

Although this card can’t continuously support cards in the front stage, it can still help tip the battle in your favor when you tap it for +1000 power.

Time Limit, Leafa

Leafa is back again to support her onii-cha…I mean you.

With a field-wide +500 power support to all other characters and an in-built search ability, this is one of the more versatile support cards which the expansion has to offer. The cost to search is definitely a tad high, but you can search for any 《Avatar》or 《Net》character and add it to your hand.

Trusted Skills, Lisbeth

Lisbeth got you covered to drive up the advantage in your Level 1 game with her trusted skills.

With a full field of cards with 《Avatar》 or 《Net》 traits, Trusted Skills, Lisbeth could potentially hit 6500 power without including additional power from support effects. Coupled with 2 Time Limit Leafa, this card could go up to 7500 power.
The accelerate ability also makes the card immune to certain card effects such as 《Leprechaun》 Girl, Lisbeth’s “【AUTO】 When this card becomes 【REVERSE】, if this card’s battle opponent is level 1 or lower, you may 【REVERSE】 that character.” On top of that, you can even retrieve a 《Avatar》 or 《Net》character from the waiting room and add it to your hand.

Strong and Stout-hearted, Lisbeth

Why not gain more hand advantage when you accelerate for Trusted Skills, Lisbeth at the same time with Strong and Stout-hearted, Lisbeth? That’s retrieving 2 characters at the cost of just 1 stock and 1 damage when both of these cards are used in tandem! Strong and Stout-hearted, Lisbeth’s retrieve effect has no trait restriction too!

Totally worth it, just like the goods that Lisbeth has on sale in her store.

What’s Next?

We will have more introduction next week for Sword Art Online II Vol.2 Extra Booster. Don’t miss it!

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