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Disgaea Introduction: Laharl and Desco

Welcome back to the Weiss Schwarz Weekly Column!

Disgaea fans rejoice! June heralds the coming of a Trial Deck, Booster Pack and Meister Set for the popular game series featuring characters like Laharl, Etna, and the adorable – and sometimes heavily abused – mascot character, Prinny! These products will hit the shelves at a retailer near you on June 24, dood!

Son of the Previous Overlord, Laharl

Let’s start it off with a card from the trial deck! This Laharl has a staple heal effect tacked on, as well as a powerful ability that allows you to put a character that has become [Reverse] back to [Rest]! Since only [Reverse] characters are placed to the waiting room during the Encore step, this essentially helps you to keep your characters on the field at a massive discount – instead of paying 3 stock to Encore normally, you only have to pay 1 stock for this ability! You can also use it to save characters that have been [Reversed] in battle if your opponent uses Backups to overpower you.

Of course, such a strong effect does mean that it comes with a slight drawback; none of your characters can side attack while Son of the Previous Overlord, Laharl is on the field. On one hand, its ability to “save” other characters makes up for this, but that would also mean that you would be bleeding stock freely, so do ration the amount of times you use its ability. Son of the Previous Overlord, Laharl cannot “save” itself if it becomes [Reverse], so do try to keep that in mind as you plan your turn!

Supreme Overlord Laharl

Here we have another Laharl card with a very strong effect! This Laharl also comes with a heal effect, as well as a strong ability to retrieve characters from the waiting room! At the cost of sending itself to the memory, Supreme Overlord Laharl allows the player to put up to two 《Angel》 or 《Demon》 characters from their waiting room to their hand. You are allowed to select two 《Angel》, one 《Angel》 and one 《Demon》, or even two 《Demon》, so you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you want to retrieve.

Those of you who are one step ahead will also notice that Supreme Overlord Laharl is a 《Demon》 as well, so it itself is fair game for its own effect. You could potentially use one copy to retrieve 2 from the waiting room, and then proceed to retrieve even more cards while also sending Supreme Overlord Laharl to the memory to help thin out the deck. Almost any type of combo is readily available to you if you can do this, so try and think of a way to take advantage of this effect!

Winged Slayer

Fans of the game will recognize this signature ability for sword users! Winged Slayer is an event with a unique effect that allows the player to give all opponent characters -3000 power. This greatly improves the survival chances of your own characters, and even allows you to get rid of opponent characters that have 3000 or less power – when characters have their power reduced to 0, they are sent to the waiting room!

This ability comes with a very hefty drawback, however. Essentially, you are forced to put cards to your clock until you level up – as this is not damage, you do not get to cancel it, and you still have to perform the action until you level up. With good planning and some luck, however, you’ll be able to use it at two crucial timings: right before you hit level 2, and right before you hit level 3. If you have 5-6 cards in your clock, the detriment becomes way more manageable. It can even help you force yourself to the next level, if you’re looking to accelerate your game!

Desco, “Final Weapon Girl DESCO”

Final Boss Training, Desco is a simple level 2 card with a Change ability as well as an annoying climax synergy ability. When “Final Weapon Appears” is played, you can pay 1 stock to remove a cost 0 character from your opponent’s field and send it to the bottom of your opponent’s deck! The most important part about this effect is that it is able to target back stage characters, allowing you to pinpoint and remove key support characters on your opponent’s field.

Its change effect turns it into “Final Weapon Girl DESCO”, a level 3 card that also packs a healing ability on entry and boasts a neat ability that gives itself power that scales to its opponent’s level. Against level 3 characters, “Final Weapon Girl DESCO” gets +1500 power, putting it at 11000 power in total! “Final Weapon Girl DESCO” also requires the player to put another character on their field to [Rest] when it enters the field, but with the Change effect of Final Boss Training, Desco, this drawback can be avoided. Worst case scenario – put a character in your back row to [Rest] instead, so you don’t lose an attack for the turn!

What’s Next?

We hope you like the cards that we’ve previewed so far! Do stay tuned for more doods next week!

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