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Disgaea Introduction: And That’s The Rest Of It, dood!

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2016

This week, the Bushiroad Spring Fest tournaments will be happening in 3 places – Columbus, Ohio at the Origins Fame Fair, as well as Cardiff and Huddersfield in the UK. The Neo Showdown tournament will be happening on the 19th for all 3 locations, so don’t turn up on the wrong day!

There will also be a special event held in Colombia on 25 & 26 June! Do note that winners at this particular event will not receive invitations to the Continental Finals, but we hope to see you guys there to enjoy the tournaments anyway! The Weiss Schwarz tournament will happen on 26 June, and will begin at 11am (registration begins from 9.30am).

Booster Pack Disgaea

Welcome to another Disgaea introduction article! Today’s cards don’t really have a central theme to them, but are all good cards in their own right. If you’re using a deck that incorporates one of these characters’ colors, you can definitely consider using some of them!

Supreme Overlord Baal

The fearsome demon Overlord appears! Supreme Overlord Baal has an interesting ability that trades field presence for sheer power. When there are no other characters on the field, Supreme Overlord Baal gains a massive +10000 power and +2 soul, as well as the ability to send its battle opponent to the opponent’s clock when it is put to Reverse in battle against Baal! This ability is continuous and is also active during your opponent’s turn, so that would deter the opponent from running attackers recklessly into this card with its massive power. The Netherworld only has room for one ultimate Overlord!

Likes Superhero Shows, Flonne

While this appears to be a bog-standard level 2 counter that provides an additional 3000 power, Likes Superhero Shows, Flonne has an additional effect that forces all players to put the top 3 cards of their decks to the waiting room. I think by now, if you’ve been following our articles, you’ll know that we really like effects like these, because they help to get rid of potential damage and increase the chance of cancelling your opponent’s attacks. It might also cause your opponent to trigger a climax card by getting rid of the top 3 cards of his or her deck!

Of course, there is a chance that you’ll get rid of your own climax and prevent your opponent from triggering his climaxes… but hey, it’s worth a shot, right? As Backups do not need to fulfil regular character play requirements, Likes Superhero Shows, Flonne can be used in literally any Disgaea deck.

“Dark Adonis” Mid-Boss

Remember how I said you can consider using some of these cards if you have the space? Forget that for “Dark Adonis” Mid-Boss. Even if you’re playing a deck with the bare minimum of red cards, you will definitely want to include this card in your deck. Not only does it allow you to refresh your deck without taking refresh damage with its first effect, it even lets you deal 1 damage you your opponent as well! As a slight drawback, it is sent back to the deck when it is put to Reverse, preventing the player from using the Encore ability to keep it on the field. That shouldn’t be enough to deter you, though – make space for this card in your deck! You won’t regret it!

Hero, Almaz & Overlord Almaz

Hero, Almaz has a rather simple effect befitting of a blue card. It is a level 1 character with 0 cost with an effect that gives it +1000 power on the opponent’s turn. Its climax synergy ability is also a simple one that allows the player to cycle the cards in his or her deck! While it is not an outright draw effect that affords the player an increase in hand cards, discarding cards to the waiting room may help players set up a combo for a future turn that involves the waiting room.

Overlord Almaz, the climax card used to synergize with Hero, Almaz, packs a different effect from what most players would expect of a climax card. It draws the player 1 card, and gives one character +3 soul! Once again, this card helps the player cycle out his deck while also helping them deal more damage to the opponent. Simple, but definitely not ineffective!

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