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Disgaea Introduction: Disgaea Release Week, dood!

Bushiroad Spring Fest 2016

This weekend, we have just one event running in Bogota, Colombia! This is a special event organized by Akiba Games for players to experience the Bushiroad Spring Fest tournaments, but do note that the winners at this event will not receive invitations to the Continental Finals. The Weiss Schwarz Neo Showdown tournament will be held on June 26!

Bushiroad World Championship 2016

After the Bushiroad Spring Fest concludes, we’ll be kicking off the Bushiroad World Championship 2016! The Weiss Schwarz World Championship is back again this year, so do check out the official page for updates!

Disgaea Meister Set

Here’s a quick look at the Meister Set for Disgaea! If you like what you see, it isn’t too late to go down to your local store to reserve a copy!! The Disgaea Trial Deck, Booster Pack and Meister Set will go on sale this weekend, on June 24!

Disgaea Sample Deck

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
DG/EN-S03-E060 Ordinary Cleric 0/0 1
DG/EN-S03-E092 “Power of Sardines” Valvatorez 0/0 2
DG/EN-S03-E102 Trainer of Prinnies, Valvatorez 0/0 3
DG/EN-S03-E142 Sheltered Lady, Rozalin 0/0 3
DG/EN-S03-E132 Aspiring Final Boss, Desco 0/0 2
DG/EN-S03-E137 62nd Netherworld President, Axel 0/0 2
DG/EN-S03-E077 Etna & Flonne 1/0 2
DG/EN-S03-E050 Thief Angel, Artina 1/0 1
DG/EN-S03-E091 Laharl & Mao 1/0 4
DG/EN-S03-E099 Former Angel Flonne 1/0 2
DG/EN-S03-TE08 Aesthetics of Evil, Valvatorez 1/0 1
DG/EN-S03-E143 Obstinate Rozalin 1/0 2
DG/EN-S03-E051 Archangel, Flonne 1/1 1
DG/EN-S03-TE14 President Overlord Laharl 1/1 2
DG/EN-S03-E100 “Dark Adonis”Mid-Boss 2/1 1
DG/EN-S03-TE15 Proud Demon, Valvatorez 2/1 1
DG/EN-S03-E135 Final Boss Training, Desco 2/1 4
DG/EN-S03-E098 Supreme Overlord Laharl 3/2 2
DG/EN-S03-E133 “Final Weapon Girl DESCO” 3/2 4
Event Card
DG/EN-S03-E081 Winged Slayer 1/0 2
Climax Card
DG/EN-S03-TE20 Overlord Zenon Defeated!! -/- 1
DG/EN-S03-TE18 Ties of “Camaraderie” -/- 4
DG/EN-S03-E163 Final Weapon Appears -/- 3

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This is a simple deck that is has deck size control, retrieval, and burst power. As a predominantly 《Demon》 deck, cards like Obstinate Rozalin and Aesthetics of Evil, Valvatorez are definitely great choices, as they give large amounts of power to <> attribute cards. Archangel, Flonne is also a great support card that can search for anything you would need from this deck, as they all have 《Demon》, 《Angel》 or 《Love》 traits. Another key support card would be Former Angel Flonne, which serves the dual purpose of giving 《Demon》 attribute cards an additional, cheaper Encore effect, as well as the ability to retrieve a character card from the waiting room through its upon-entry effect.

Aesthetics of Evil, Valvatorez also works well with Laharl & Mao, which allows the player to retrieve cards for free as long as its battle opponent is reversed. You have to shuffle a climax card back to your opponent’s deck for him, though, which is the main drawback to this effect (though some might say this isn’t much of a drawback unless the opponent cancels the attack!).

To round out the deck lineup, we have Final Boss Training, Desco, which allows the player to get rid of pesky cost 0 cards on the opponent’s field with its climax synergy effect by sending it to the bottom of their deck. This card can also change into “Final Weapon Girl DESCO”, a great wall-off that sits on the field with high power and even helps the player heal damage! We also have “Dark Adonis”Mid-Boss, which allows you to refresh your deck without having to take damage – you actually get to deal damage to your opponent while you’re at it! Last but definitely not least, Supreme Overlord Laharl is the ultimate late-game weapon that can retrieve cards with its effect and heal damage at the same time.

The deck, as we mentioned, focuses on retrieval to keep its handsize healthy as it does not pack many search and draw effects. This synergizes well with the multiple Brainstorm effects that boost the power of cards on the field, as you can both use the temporarily powered-up characters to take down the opponent’s characters, and put more cards into the waiting room for wider choice for retrieval.
As it should be able to maintain a decent handsize, it can afford to play Former Angel Flonne, as you would have to discard character cards from the hand in order to keep your characters on the field.
The deck then ends the game with a highly controlled style which creates a highly “compressed” deck that has a good climax-to-non-climax card ratio, allowing for a greater rate of damage cancellation. The player can then keep himself healthy with the healing ability from “Final Weapon Girl DESCO”.

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