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Extra Booster NISEKOI: -False Love-

Welcome back to the Weiss Schwarz Weekly Column! In this week’s column, we would like to take a peek at the NISEKOI: -False Love- Extra Booster that will be released on August 19!

This product is an addition to the existing NISEKOI -False Love- expansion. If you have a deck consisting of cards from – NISEKOI -False Love-, you can definitely look forward to this!

Brand New Characters

Introducing Haru, Kosaki’s younger sister! Her cards are either in Green or Blue colour, just like Kosaki. Besides, she also has a common trait as Kosaki, which is the 《Sweets》 trait. If you are looking for cards to power up your 《Sweets》 deck or Kosaki deck, stay tuned with us and we will be back next week for more in-depth introduction.

Paula, the assassin from Beehive, who serves Chitoge’s family will be joining in the fun too! Her cards have good synergy with Chitoge and Seishiro, so do check it out if you have these characters in your deck.

Returning Heroines

Of course we did not forget about the main heroines of the show. Chitoge, Kosaki and Marika will be getting new cards with awesome abilities to power up the decks. With the Bushiroad World Championship 2016 coming up in soon after this set’s release, we can definitely look forward to how well NISEKOI -False Love- meisters will perform.

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