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Booster Pack Love Live! DX Vol.2: Part 2

Welcome back to the Weiss Schwarz Meister Journal!

In this week’s journal, we will be taking another look at some of the cards from Love Live! DX Vol.2 that was released on August 26th!

Let’s relieve some moments from Love Live! The School Idol Movie, a movie which I believe many Love Live! fans loved! The best way to do it will be through our featured cards, of course!

Starting with this song, let’s get the show going!

“Hello,Count the Stars”

“Hello, Count the Stars” Rin Hoshizora

Rin’s cheerfulness always brighten up the days of her friends, and she does it by “Counting Stars”!
“Hello, Count the Stars” Rin Hoshizora provides the support power for your characters on the center stage. Besides, it works well with the climax “Hello, Count the Stars” which allow you to add 1 《Music》character from the top 4 cards of your deck at no cost at all!

“Sunny Day Song”

“Sunny Day Song” Honoka Kosaka

“SUNNY DAY SONG” Honoka Kosaka has the ability to deal one damage to your opponent when she enters the stage!
Also, when the climax “SUNNY DAY SONG” is in play, she is able to provide all characters a power boost of +500 and the ability to retrieve one character from your waiting room back to your hand when the opponent battled is reversed! It allows the player to maintain a huge card advantage and search for characters with heal or damage ability to dominate the late game.

Now, for our finale!

“We Are A Single Light”

We Are A Single Light” conveys a message about the idol group going through many challenges and hardships to work towards their goals. No matter what happens to them till the end, they will never forget the times that they have been through and will continue to chase this light together as one.

“We Are A Single Light” Maki Nishikino

“We Are A Single Light” Maki Nishikino synergize well with the climax “We Are A Single Light”. The climax combo allows you to add 1 《Music》 character from the top 4 cards of your deck when “We Are A Single Light” Maki Nishikino is reversed in battle.
Moreover, it also give your other characters a power boost of +1000 until the end of your opponent’s turn, which is not only useful on offense, but critical on defence as well!

“Angelic Angel” Kotori Minami

“Angelic Angel” Kotori Minami is especially effective in going against your opponent’s Level 3 or higher characters. When attacking an opponent’s character with Level 3 or higher, this card will get a power boost of +6000 until end of your turn!
You can actually defeat a level 3 card just by using this level 2 cost 1 character! A very strong card indeed!
Also, when this card attacks with “We Are A Single Light” in play, you can deal 1 damage to your opponent with only 1 cost!

“We Are A Single Light” Nico Yazawa

When this card is placed on the stage from your hand, you can place one card from your clock into your waiting room, increasing your chance of survival.
Also, when this card attacks with “We Are A Single Light”, you can pay 1 cost to gain extra power of +2000 to battle with stronger cards and you can send the character that this card is battling into the clock when that character is reversed.
“We Are A Single Light” Nico Yazawa provides a stable damage that cannot be cancelled by climax and prevent your opponent from encoring their reversed character, a decent finisher for the “We Are A Single Light” deck!

That wraps up our feature article for today!
Check back next time for more Weiss Schwarz related tidbits and updates for our upcoming sets!

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