Weiβ Schwarz

To Loveru Darkness 2nd

Hello Everyone! We are back to introduce you to our staff’s recommended deck recipe for To Loveru Darkness 2nd! *claps*
But first, let me introduce you to our staff who created this deck recipe – Mr.R!

Thank you, Mr. K for the introduction!
With the release of the Trial Deck and Booster Pack of To Loveru Darkness 2nd, I believe many of us have started to build their decks! However for those who have not, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the deck that I have built!

Card No. Card Name Lv/Cost Quantity
Character Card
TL/W37-E004 “Sitting” Mea 0/0 3
TL/W37-E005 “Sitting” Yami 0/0 2
TL/W37-TE01 “Taiyaki of Memories” Yami 0/0 2
TL/W37-TE04 “Loves Licking” Mea 0/0 3
TL/W37-E031 “Sitting” Mikan 0/0 2
TL/W37-E035 “Cute Pajamas” Mikan 0/0 4
TL/W37-E010 “Wrapping With Ribbons” Mea 1/0 2
TL/W37-E011 “Memories That Connect to the Future” Yami 1/1 3
TL/W37-E102 Petit Yami 1/0 1
TL/W37-E039 “Nap Time” Mikan 1/0 4
TL/W37-E040 “Putting Away Clothes” Mikan 1/0 4
TL/W37-E043 “Preparing Breakfast” Mikan 2/1 1
TL/W37-E044 “Good At Cooking” Mikan 2/1 2
TL/W37-E001 Yami 3/2 4
TL/W37-E027 Project Darkness 3/3 2
TL/W37-E032 Mikan Yuki 3/2 3
Climax Card
TL/W37-E028 Gentle Time 0/0 4
TL/W37-E053 Taiyaki Key Holder 0/0 4

Check out my analysis of the deck recipe below!

Early Game
These Level 0 Characters may seem weak in terms of strength, but they provide great utility to setup for the subsequent turns to come.

““Cute Pajamas” Mikan” allows you retrieve a card that you need from your clock back to your hand, as well as having the “Brainstorm” ability to give you a chance of searching a character of your choice from your deck when successfully activated.

““Sitting” Mea” not only has the capability to enable you to level up faster by getting sent to clock whenever it gets reversed, which can be used to your tactical advantage, but also allows you to get a free card, allowing you to maintain your hand-size.

You also have high powered cards such as ““Loves Licking” Mea” and ““Sitting” Yami” which can reverse your opponent’s characters easily, while maintaining your field presence.

Mid Game
There are several Level 1 characters that are strong and are able to sustain well for field presence to help you generate a decent amount of resources.

““Memories That Connect to the Future” Yami” allows 《Trans》 or 《Housework》 character in front of her to maintain their presence on the field by granting them Encore effects and additional power.

““Putting Away Clothes” Mikan” allows you to search your deck for a 《Trans》 or 《Housework》 character when “Taiyaki Key Holder” is placed on your climax area, in addition to having a +1000 power boost when all the characters on your stage are 《Trans》 or 《Housework》.

These cards can provide you some good advantage to plot out your upcoming turns as well as sustaining the characters on the stage.

Late Game

“Yami” stands out as one of the best finisher in the series with her climax combo, “Gentle Time”. She is able to grant herself and another character on the field an ability to deal one damage if damage dealt is cancelled. Furthermore, players can draw up to two cards when she is placed on the stage, giving them a higher chance of drawing the Climax, “Gentle Time”, or even another “Yami” card.

“Mikan Yuki” is your alternative Level 3 Character which can help to ease off a card from your clock area. Also, it has the potential to be a powerhouse with her other ability, that allows you to get +500 power for each “Trans” and “Housework” on the stage.

“Project Darkness” might be a hard counter to use as it requires you to be at Level 3. However, it is armed with the strong ability that can prohibit a character in battle from dealing damage. Using it at the correct timing might just decide your victory.

So, what do you think? Thank you for reading the blog and I hope everyone will continue to have fun playing Weiss Schwarz!

Keep a look out for the next Sample Deck Recipe too! See you~^^