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Bushiroad Championship Series 2017 Spring Circuit banner

Shop Tournaments

January Shop Tournaments

Official PR card support will be English edition To Loveru Darkness 2nd

【TL/W37-PE01 PR「"Troubled Days" Momo & Yami」】

(PR card for January 2017 period only)

Tournament Listings (January 2, 2017 - January 29, 2017)

February Shop Tournaments

Official PR card support will be English edition Love Live! Sunshine!!

【LSS/W45-PE01 PR「"Summer School Uniform" Chika Takami」】

(PR card for February 2017 period only)

Tournament Listings (January 30, 2017 - February 26, 2017)

*Shop list for some regions will be updated on a later date. Stay tuned!

Promotional Cards for Recent and Upcoming Shop Tournaments

Feb 2017 LSS/W45-PE01 PR "Summer School Uniform" Chika Takami
Love Live! Sunshine!!
Jan 2017 TL/W37-PE01 PR "Troubled Days" Momo & Yami
To Loveru Darkness 2nd
Dec 2016 TL/W37-PE02 PR "Midsummer Beachside" Yami & Momo
To Loveru Darkness 2nd
Nov 2016 PI/S04-PE03 PR Yearning for Summer Vacation
Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA
Oct 2016 PI/S04-PE01 PR Holiday Together with Friends, Illya
Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA
Sep 2016 NK/WE22-PE01 PR Scouting for a Magical Girl, Magical Pâtissière, Kosaki
NISEKOI: -False Love-
Aug 2016 LL/EN-W02-PE02 PR Honoka Strayed from the Group
Love Live!
Jul 2016 DG/S03-PE01 PR Prinny Squad
Jun 2016 SAO/SE26-PE01 Swimsuit Sinon
Sword Art Online
May 2016 SY/WE09-E28 Literature Club Yuki
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Apr 2016 FS/S36-PE02 "Loggerheads" Archer & Lancer
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]
Mar 2016 IMC/W41-PE02 Sunset Glow Present, Anzu
Feb 2016 NM/S24-PE01 Friendly Sisters, Tsukihi Araragi & Karen Araragi
Jan 2016 SY/W08-E113 Super Editor-in-Chief Haruhi and the Assistants
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Dec 2015 LL/W34-PE01 During Health Examination, Nozomi & Nico & Kotori
Love Live!
Nov 2015 KC/S31-PE01 1st Akiduki-class Destroyer, Akiduki
Oct 2015 LH/SE20-PE04 Student of the Mage, Minori

If you're interested in the Organized Play program and are located in the North America, please contact Bushiroad USA Inc at ws_usasupport@bushiroad-gp.com.

If you're interested in the Organized Play program and are located outside North America, please contact your local distributor(s) for more information.


[Malaysia] Comic Fiesta 2016

Dates December 17-18, 2016
Qualifier Period November 12-26, 2016 [Ended]
Booth Number A109 - A116
Venue Putra World Trade Centre Hall 1
Address 41, Jalan Tun Ismail, Chow Kit, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

[Peru] BushiFest Peru

Dates December 17-18, 2016
Main Tournament Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournament
Weiss Schwarz Tournament
Luck & Logic Tournament
Side Event Two-Pack Tournament
Dice Wars - Special Rule Chanllenge
Side Tournaments
Ascendant of Aetheros Demo Session
Venue Light & Limit Card Games
Address Av. Ignacio Merino 1926-A Oficina 401. Lince. Lima, Peru

*Organized by Light & Limit. Supported by Bushiroad South East Asia.