Shop Tournaments

December Shop Tournaments

Official PR card support will be English edition Love Live!

【LL/W34-PE01 PR 「During Health Examination, Nozomi & Nico & Kotori」】

(PR card for December 2015 period only)
Tournament Listings (November 30 – January 3)

November Shop Tournaments

Official PR card support will be English edition KanColle

【KC/S31-PE01 PR 「1st Akiduki-class Destroyer, Akiduki」】

(PR card for November 2015 period only)
Tournament Listings (November 2 – November 29)

If you’re interested in the Organized Play program and are located in the North America, please contact Bushiroad USA Inc at

If you’re interested in the Organized Play program and are located outside North America, please contact your local distributor(s) for more information.


Bushiroad Spring Fest 2016

[Singapore] Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015 (AFASG2015)

AFASG Phamplet

Visit Bushiroad Booth at Anime Festival Asia Singapore! This year, Bushiroad will have its first oversea demonstration for the newly announced trading card game “Luck & Logic“! Exclusive merchandise from hit titles such as Love Live!, Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card Buddyfight etc. are available at Bushiroad Booth as well! Don’t miss out the new Cardfight!! Vanguard G & Love Live! Fanbook too!

Event Information

Date 27 November – 29 November 2015
Venue Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth A48

1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

[BWC2015] Bushiroad World Championship Online Shop Exclusive!

bushiroad online shop_BWC promo

You may check-out as guest if you are outside of Singapore.

We’re pleased to introduce a new option on our Bushiroad Online Shop – Self-collection at Events!!!

To start, a number of Bushiroad World Championship 2015 Qualifiers will be chosen to allow players to collect their Bushiroad Online Shop items!

First up, the venues chosen are Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and France!

Pre-orders will be open for a limited amount of time! Simply sign up and spend S$50 or above to enjoy free shipping & handling at selected World Championships Qualifiers!

Click here for World Championship schedules:

Pre-order Schedules for Selected World Championships Qualifiers

Germany-Cologne Pre-order End: 17:59 CEST September 12, 2015
Australia-Melbourne Pre-order End: 01:59 AEST September 18, 2015
Philippines-Manila Pre-order End: 23:59 PHT September 27, 2015
UK-Manchester Pre-order End: 16:59 BST October 3, 2015
Singapore Pre-order End: 23:59 SGT October 4, 2015
Philippines-Cebu Pre-order End: 23:59 PHT October 11, 2015
New Zealand-Auckland Pre-order End: 04:59 NZDT October 12, 2015
Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur Pre-order End: 23:59 MYT October 18, 2015
USA/California-Pomona Pre-order End: 08:59 PDT October 26, 2015
France-Paris [EVENT CANCELLED] Pre-order End: 16:59 CET October 31, 2015
Special arrangements will be carried out for players who was not managed to collect purchased items at France Qualifier. We will contact you shortly via email.

[Australia] PAX Australia 2015


Visit our booth (TT242 & DT240) at PAX Australia! Join the workshops for Weiss Schwarz, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card Buddyfight!

Date 30 October – 1 November 2015
Venue Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Booth: TT242 & DT240

Check out PAX Australia 2015 Official Website and Facebook page for more details regarding events in PAX.

Organized by Cosplay Ozanimart, supported by Bushiroad.

[Colombia] SOFA 2015

SOFA 2015

El Salón de Ocio y la Fantasía (SOFA) is the biggest annual convention held in Bogota, Colombia which brings together communities of video games, science fiction, role-playing games and strategy, comics, fantasy literature, manga, anime and cosplay enthusiasts. Participate in Akiba Games’ Weiβ Schwarz and Cardfight!! Vanguard tournaments! Also featuring very exciting side events such as Ultimate Waifu, 2-pack, and “Try to Beat Me!” tournaments!

Click the event page here for the detailed schedule! (October 29 – November 3)

Tournaments organized by Akiba Games. Supported by Bushiroad South East Asia.

Check out SOFA 2015 Official Website and Akiba Games’ Facebook page for more details!

[Europe] European Grand Prix (EGP) 2015 (Japanese Tournament)

Announcing European Grand Prix (EGP) 2015!

EGP is a series of Japanese Weiss Schwarz tournaments organized by Epitanime, which will be held in various European countries from October to November!

Check it out here! join the tournaments and win a trip to Japan!

Organized by Epitanime, Supported by Ynaris and Bushiroad Europe.

Bushiroad World Championship 2015